Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Discipline Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Discipline Model - Essay Example The Dreikurs Model says that the teacher should be democratic and put limits for the students instead of punishing them. The Canter Model and The Fred Jones Model is about taking charge and providing efficient help to students and conveying messages through body language. The discipline model that I have selected is The Fred Jones Model. I have selected this model because children are very good at understanding non-verbal signals. They can respond to them better. With body language the students can predict the teacher's signs and respond accordingly. It makes it easier for the student to understand as he is getting only one signal instead of two, i.e. verbal and non-verbal. My teaching philosophy is that both teacher and students maintain a healthy relationship with clear communication. The teacher should be fair in all grading and implementation of the discipline model. All students are different and each one needs to be administered to individually, this model helps me achieve that because it asks to give individual attention to each child. Also, I believe in active learning and by giving incentives and Preferred Activity Time, I will be able tot each them some lessons outside the classroom as well. Learning is more important than getting a grade, which is why this model is more effective for me. It emphasizes on the need for the students to absorb the knowledge given to them. To achieve the grade the student needs to learn and set a goal, I help them set goals on the first day of class. This model focuses on giving incentives to students for doing the right thing. One suggestion by Fred Jones is that to allocate Preferred Activity Time, which can be for the whole class and if they behave they can do whatever activity they want in this time period. The model suggests that the teacher should give individual attention to students. This would motivate them to complete their work and move forward with their learning. The idea is to praise prompt and leave. There may be cases, when one child will continue to misbehave in this case I will have a backup plan ready to use. These punishments should be pre-planned and within the classroom so that the least amount of teaching time is wasted. Parents and administrators should be involved in the teaching and discipline process. They basic guidelines should be mentioned to them at the start of the semester and they should be briefed about all actions that the teacher plans to take in specific circumstances. The support of both parties should be achieved before going further and implementing the plans. Thus, it is best to talk to parents and the administrators before the start of the semester. On the first day of the new school term, the teacher should ensure that the class layout is such which enhances learning and easier communication with the teacher. It should also facilitate movement and not make it difficult for the student or the teacher to move around the class. The general rules should be told to the students and maybe put up in the class somewhere so that the students are not confused about them at any time. Also, all the tools and equipment required by the students for any activity that the teacher administers should be in the classroom and easily accessible to the students. This should all be done on the first day of the semester so that in future there are no misunderstandings between the teacher and

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