Friday, September 6, 2019

Pob Sba Guide for Description of Business Essay Example for Free

Pob Sba Guide for Description of Business Essay Main Objective of doing this SBA To give you an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the study of Principles of Business. 1. 2. How will this be done? The objective will be fulfilled through the examination of a designated business/firm. The data collection instruments will be the questionnaire and the interview. The information gathered will then be analysed and evaluated, with the aim of drawing specific conclusions about the firm. Our staff consists of twenty employees four of who are supervisors of the factory and three administrative staff responsible for accounting, billing and wages. A Production Manager is in charge of all production processes and the supervisors report to him. There is a Quality Control Supervisor who reports directly to the partners. An Inventory Manager is in charge of receiving, storage and issuance of raw materials as well as receipt, storage and distribution of the finished products with a staff of three assistants to help him. The functional areas of the business will include Purchasing/Logistics, Inventory Management, Production, Distribution and

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