Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Muath Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Muath - Assignment Example Some of the uses of Facebook have been explained in this report in details. The report also explains the different social networking websites. The report then compares their functionalities with those of Facebook. Also, the differences between the different social networking websites and Facebook are identified and stated against each of the social networking website. The report further explains the context in which the social networks operate and the kind of users who make use of them. The report explains why the development of the social networking needs to be used and understood in our modern world. With the emergence of a number of social networks, there is a need to know which particular site is used for what purpose and which particular site to use for another purpose. The problems associated with having too many friends in Facebook have also been explained. It has been noted that, the use of Facebook has brought harm and benefit to society. Facebook users have been a target by criminals who obtain information about their whereabouts. Facebook has also been a challenge of handling the privacy issues. The benefits of Facebook can also be enjoyed by many since it has enabled the fast transfer of social information, sharing articles and updating on events. Facebook is a networking service for the society to communicate together. In this website, we can register as users then we can add friends, photos and videos, share links and games and exchange comments and messages. It has many features that are released time to time such as how would you like to receive the notifications, voice and video calls and the timeline page feature (Kirkpatrick, 2011). Facebook is one of the major set of social networking software used today on our society. It became into existence in 2004. Three college students led by Mark Zuckerberg came up with the idea of creating a platform in the form of a website where other students

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