Monday, September 9, 2019

Time management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Time management - Essay Example INTRODUCTION A lot of people often say and wish they had more time. Time is something that is always out of our reach. We need time like we need water and air. But we can never get enough of it. But is this really true? Or is it just we have time but we don’t know how to make the most of it? We have 24 hours a day, 168 hours in a week and about 480 hours a month less 8 hours of average sleep. We just need to manage it properly and make the most of it. TIME MANAGEMENT Considering our time, we have to balance it to 3 major factors namely work, family and pleasure. We see our work differently. To some people, work is drudgery which is a necessary evil (Koscec, n.d.). To others, work means fame and fortune, or a life’s mission and contribution of love (Koscec, n.d.). These differences on how we see work will affect us on how we do our work. Some people see work as joy, as a monotony, and as an escape. But work should truly become love for our family made visible (Koscec, n. d.). This is the means to support them, the means to send the children to school and even to provide their wants. Thus, it is very important to manage our time to do our job effectively. Many people consider family as the one of the most important things in life. However, there are a lot of times that people cannot manage time effectively that they cannot spend more quality time with their families. This greatly affects family relationship. It is very hard to choose which one to prioritize over the other. But I believe that we don’t need to choose, we just need to know how to manage. Aside from family and work, we also have issues on our personal time for leisure and enjoyment. This is the time that we pamper ourselves after all the stress that we got from work or life. Sometimes, we really need to have a good break from all the stress or even just a short time to please ourselves. Guys usually go to the gym or have good drink and poker night with friends. Women usually pampe r themselves to the spa and go shopping. The question is, do we still have time for all of this? Yes, we do. And this is the reason of this paper. Time management is the art of arranging, organizing, scheduling, and  budgeting  one’s time for the purpose of generating more effective work and productivity (, What is Time Management?). Since we live in a busy world, we need time management to do all our tasks and responsibilities. A lot of researches, books, magazines are dedicated to provide the people steps on how to manage their time. It is very important to all of us to be able to manage our time. Our work, family and our happy selves are all waiting for us to spend our time with them. Time Management at Work There are a lot of steps on how to start managing our time. It is just a matter of setting ourselves that we have to be responsible in following the steps and that it is for our own good. We may have a rough start but getting through the ways will m ake us realize the steps are just so easy to do. We just have to put our minds and hearts to it. Here are the steps to follow on how to manage our time at work. Step one, make a plan. According to Christina Crowe (n.d.), setting a time to plan out our day, whether it is going to be in the morning or later at night is a swift start. We should think about the most important tasks that need to get done and how to get them done. It will help to keep us focused on our tasks if we make a detailed plan.

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