Thursday, September 12, 2019

Transition from key stage 2 (primary) to key stage 3 (secondary) Essay

Transition from key stage 2 (primary) to key stage 3 (secondary) - Essay Example In doing so children meet with both success and failure that brings with it a lot of fears, anxiety and trauma. In this study, I am going to examine the problem areas faced by children transitioning from Key Stage 2 (Primary) to Key Stage 3 (Secondary) and try to arrive at an analysis as to how the phenomenon of transition takes place and what happens to the child in the course of it. The study was carried out by visiting different schools and carrying out investigations by observing and questioning the transitioning students. The data collected was analysed and conclusions drawn to show what exactly takes place during the period of transition and also finding solutions as to how stress and trauma could be reduced. Research has shown that the period of transition from Primary to Secondary is often problematic for a short period of time (Pam Green, 1998) These problems occur due to the major changes or differences taking place around them which include a whole new unfamiliar environment, no friends, reduced time for reading for pleasure, (Pam Green, 1998) more stringent working schedules, more homework and less leisure time. According to Marcus Pietsch, and Tobias C. Stubbe (2007) the decision making process is very important during the period of transition. They state that those associated with the decision making should ‘take a more or less socially biased achievement criterion as a basis’ (Marcus Pietsch, and Tobias C. Stubbe (2007) for the proper segregation of students. The transitional period from Primary to Secondary School is a great milestone in the life of any student where educators and parents play pivotal roles. The teacher should take the place of a friend, philosopher and guide and show a lot of empathy, consideration and encouragement which is so vital at this point to guide the child in the proper direction to make proper adjustments. This research paper looks keenly at the problems faced by children during this transition period and

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